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Here is a little about me and the reason we are all here the lovely lego, firstly my name is Emma and the Oakelm name is many things to me and used as a name across a number of hobbies both past and present. A combination of my initials and the start of a village name where I remember most of my childhood, and also it is the name of two trees another thing I love having been brought up in the countryside. I have been a long time fan of lego starting in childhood like most of us but lost in my teens and twenties. Into my late thirties now and very much back into lego, no specific genre but slowly getting obsessed with mini figures and finding older sets from my childhood that I remember fondly.

Any used lego with the exception of the pre 2000 minifigs will have been part of my own collection from new then built, displayed a while and then destroyed by me ready for selling on or becoming something new. My store is very much just an extension of the hobby and a way to organise what I have and move on the items I have enjoyed and free up space for the next set I fancy.

Any new items for sale are likely were I have brought 1 for myself so an extra for the store or more likely for specific parts it contains then the remaining are added to the store unused. In the case of new minifigures I will have brought too many poly bags in order to complete a set for display for myself and those now for sale are the excess of that process.

Pre 2000 used minifigs will be the only items I ever purchase already open due to putting bits back together to make minifigures I want for myself and these job lots have items or figures I don't need. Plus I enjoy the hunt for specific pieces so I always have a rolling batch of about 30-50 minifigs that are 1 or more parts away from being complete for the collection.

I like to store all my lego in plastic draws or bags to avoid dust/dirt and for minifigs I am careful to store in a way that avoids any damage from part against part where I can. I love to organise so running a store brings out that side of me, I am also a avid retro game and toy collector so any item no matter its value is treated like it is the future collectable. This is often why my stock for sale is never large in number as I only want to pass on the best of the used items, or those to rare to throw out or give away.

Due to this crossover into toys as well as lego you will likely find me and the other half at one of the local toy collector show events (when these eventually restart). Anyway back to the bricks but any questions or queries then please feel free to contact me.